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Chartering Members

Southern Pearls Miami-Dade launched its Top Teens of America Chapter on October 10, 2021 as they inducted 46 energetic Teens to the organization.  

Jhania Askew HS_edited.jpg
Johari Askew HS_edited.jpg
Travon Bastian HS_edited.png
Kadir Battle HS_edited.jpg
Kyesi Battle HS_edited.jpg
Kayli Bhagwandin HS_edited.png
Marisa Bobo HS_edited.png
Tedrick Brown HS_edited.jpg
Meara Rasul HS_edited_edited.png
Aniyah Canada HS2_edited.png
Macaya Cobb HS_edited_edited.jpg
Camron Collins HS_edited_edited.png
Kendall Crapp HS_edited_edited.jpg
Mykale Crear HS_edited.jpg
Raniyah Demming HS_edited_edited.png
Semaj Gilliard HS_edited.png
Tekiyah Gray4_edited.jpg
Kaylah Carter HS_edited_edited.png
Amira Griffiths HS2_edited.png
Delya Harris HS_edited.png
Makayla High HS_edited.png
Kyla Holmes2.JPG
Tyrone Kinsey Jr_edited.png
Anthony Langs HS_edited.png
Amerie Nelson HS.png
Markwon Strong2_edited.png
Sanai Thomas Abdoulaye HS_edited.png
Arianna Lewis HS2_edited.png
Jamyah McDougald HS_edited.jpg
Jaynissa Moore HS_edited.png
Jadan Swindle HS_edited.png
Kelly Tomlin HS_edited.png
Abby Warner HS_edited.png
Anthony Reed HS_edited.png
Amari Williams_edited.png
Jasmine Williams HS_edited.png
Kassidy Yearby HS_edited.jpg
Caden Roberts HS_edited.png
Trinity Kinsey_edited.png
Alexis Dean HS_edited.jpg
Nyle Burkhalter HS_edited.jpg

From Left  to Right

Jhania Askew, Johari Askew, Travon Bastian, Kadir Battle, Kyesi Battle, Kayli Bhagwandin, Marisa Bobo Tedrick Brown Jr.

Meara Cambridge-Rasul, Aniyah Canada, Macaya Cobb, Camron Collins, Jordan Cooper, Kendall Crapp, Mykale Creer, Raniyah Demming

Semaj Gilliard, Tekiyah Gray, Kaylah Carter, Abby Warner, Delya Harris, Makayla High, Kyla Holmes, Tyrone Kinsey Jr.

Anthony Langs, Arianna Lewis, Shakira Rolle, Jamyah McDougald, Jaynissa Moore, Amerie Nelson, Anthony Reed III, Markwon Strong,

Jadan Swinidle. Sanai Thomas-Abdoulaye, Kelly Tomlin, Abby Warner, Amari Williams, Jasmine Williams, Kassidy Yearby, Shakira Rolle,

Caden Roberts,, Trinity Kinsey, Alexis Dean, Nyle Burkhalter, Ashley Simmons, Not pictured: Denise Lundu

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